FAQs about the portal

  • General
      • Q 1. What is the SOP e-learning portal?
        • A – The Ministry of Rural Development has mandated a set of standards – the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – to be followed for the implementation of projects under DDU-GKY. All project functionaries are required to be certified in the SOP. The SOP e-learning portal allows users to learn about the SOP at their own pace and then take the Final Certification examination.
      • Q 2. What is the advantage of the SOP e-learning portal?
        • A – Users can access the course material at their convenience and learn at their own pace. Students can also participate in the Discussion Forum.
      • Q 3. What are the technical requirements for accessing the e-learning portal?
        • A – You can access the portal on any desktop or laptop computer or tablet or smartphone with Internet connectivity. A minimum bandwidth of 512 kbps would be required to access the course materials.
      • Q 4. Do I need to install any specific software on my computer to access the SOP e-learning portal?
        • A – No, you don’t need to install any specific software.
      • Q 5. Which browser should I use to access the portal?
        • A – The e-learning portal is accessible through any browser of any operating system like Windows (any version), Mac and Linux.
      • Q 6. Can I access the e-learning portal on a tablet or smartphone?
        • A- Yes, the portal can be accessed on any Android or iOS or Windows compatible tablet or smartphone. The courses as well as tests can be accessed on these devices.
      • Q 7. Is the e-learning portal the only way to learn about the SOP?
        • A – Currently the online course is the preferred mode of training for all project functionaries. However, in special cases, classroom training is provided on a need basis.
      • Q 8. Whom should I contact if I have technical problems while using the SOP e-learning portal?
        • A- You can send an email to any of the addresses mentioned on the ‘Key Contact’ page.
  • Registration and Enrollment
      • Q 1. What is meant by registration?
        • A – Creating a new account on the SOP e-learning portal is called registration. Once your registration is complete, you will be a registered user of the portal.
      • Q 2. Is there any prerequisite for registration?
        • A – No. Anyone with a valid email id can register on the portal.
      • Q 3. How can I get registered on the portal?
        • A – The SOP e-learning portal’s ‘Home’ page has an option (Login block on the right side) to create an account. Click on the ‘Register/Create new account’ button; this will take you to a new page where you have to fill in personal details; then click ‘Create my new account’. If your registration is successful, a confirmation link will be sent to the registered email id.
      • Q 4. Is it possible for me to register all the members of my organization in one go?
        • A – Yes, it is possible for the local facilitator of an organization to do bulk registration. If you are a local facilitator, log into your account, go the the ‘Resources’ tab, select ‘Course Materials’ and download the CSV. Fill in the relevant details. Then go to the Home page, select Site administration, then Users, then Accounts, and finally select Upload users and upload the CSV file containing all the user details.
      • Q 5. Is there any advantage in doing bulk registration of all the members of an organization?
        • A – Bulk registration makes it easy for the organization to track the activities of its members. Report generation also becomes easier.
      • Q 6. Is registration different from enrollment?
        • A – Yes. Opting to study a particular course on the portal is called enrollment. Once you are enrolled in a course, you will be a student of the portal.
      • Q 7. Can I enroll in a course without registration?
        • A – No. Registration is mandatory for enrollment in any course.
      • Q 8. Do I need to register on the portal to access course materials?
        • A – No. But in order to take the mock tests and Final Certification examination, registration and enrollment in the appropriate course are essential.
      • Q 9. Do I have an option to update my account details?
        • A – Yes. To update your account details, go to the ‘Courses’ page. On the top right of the page, where your account name appears, select ‘Preferences’ to make changes. It is necessary to update your profile if there is any change in your registered email id.
      • Q 10. How do I change my password?
        • A – After logging into the account, go to the ‘Courses’ page. On the top right of the page, where your account name appears, a ‘Change password’ option is available. By clicking on this, you can change the log-in password.
      • Q 11. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
        • A – On the ‘Home’ page a ‘forgotten password’ option is given. After clicking on this, a registered user will be asked for some specific details and information. Once you provide the required details, follow the instructions to set a new password.
      • Q 12. What are the benefits of enrolling as a student in a course?
        • A – Enrollment is compulsory for functionaries wishing to take the Final Certification examination. Enrollment also allows users to participate in the Discussion Forum and take the Mock test at the end of the course.
      • Q 13. Can I enroll in multiple courses at a time? If yes, how?
        • A – Yes. With a single registration id, you can enroll in more than one course. But you will have to enroll separately in each course.
      • Q 14. Can I de register or cancel my enrollment from a course?
        • A – No.
      • Q 15. Is there any registration or enrollment fee?
        • A – No.
  • Courses
      • Q 1. What are the courses available on the SOP e-learning portal?
        • A – Two categories of courses are available on the SOP e-learning portal:
        • Professional
        • Master trainer
        •  In each category the following courses are available:
        • Operations
        • Finance
        • Comprehensive
      • Q 2. How many courses I can take at a time?
        • A – As many as you wish to.
      • Q 3. Will I be able to access the course any time?
        • A – Yes.
      • Q 4. How long will I take to complete a course?
        • A – The portal allows you to learn at your own pace. So the duration of a course depends entirely on you. There is no prescribed time limit for completion of a course.
      • Q 5. How many times can I take a course?
        • A – You can enroll in a course multiple times if necessary.
      • Q 6. What are the course materials available to students enrolled in a course?
        • A – Students enrolled in a course can access the following course materials online:
          1. SOP chapter-wise material
          2. SOP chapter-wise presentations
          3. SOP chapter-wise standard forms
          These materials are available under the ‘Resources’ tab.
      • Q 7. How do I access the course materials?
        • A – A student enrolled for any course can access all the materials under the ‘Resources’ tab of the SOP e-learning portal.
      • Q 8. How do I skip to a section of the course or see what modules I have completed?
        • A – The Table of Contents is available on the right side of the ‘Courses’ page. Choose the section where you want to go next.
  • Assessment and Certification
      • Q 1. What are the types of course assessment available?
        • A – On the SOP e-learning portal, there are three types of assessment: Self-assessment – at the end of each chapter; Mock test – at the end of each course; Final Certification examination – mandatory to obtain the certificate.While the first two tests can be taken online at your convenience, for the Final Certification examination you will have to book a slot in advance and go to a designated centre.
      • Q 2. What type of questions do I have to answer in the tests?
        • A – For Professional level courses all tests will have objective type questions.
        • For courses at the Master Trainer level, Self-assessment and Mock tests will have objective questions. Final Certification examination will also have objective questions.
      • Q 3. Is there negative marking in any of the tests?
        • A – No.
      • Q 4. How can I view my test scores?
        • A – You can view your test scores in three ways:
        • 1. Instantly when you finish and submit the test.
        • 2. By clicking on the ‘Grades’ tab under your name on the top right of the ‘Courses’ page.
        • 3. At the bottom of the ‘Courses’ page.
      • Q 5. What happens if I don’t secure the minimum pass marks in the Final Certification examination?
        • A – If you do not obtain the minimum marks prescribed for your course, you will have to reappear for the Final Certification examination.
      • Q 6. How many times can I take the tests?
        • Self assessment/Mock tests – As many times as you wish to take the tests.
        • Final Certification examination – As many times as you wish to take it. But you will have to book a slot each time.
      • Q 7. Can I view my previous test scores?
        • A – Yes. After logging in, go to the ‘Courses’ page; on the top right, under your name click on ‘Grades’ to view all your test scores.
      • Q 8. Will I get a certificate if I pass the tests?
        • A – Yes. A certificate will be awarded to everyone who clears the Final Certification examination.
      • Q 9. When and how will I get the certificate?
        • A – For Professional level courses: On successfully clearing the Final Certification examination you can download and print your certificate from the bottom of the ‘Courses’ page.
        • For Master Trainer courses: The certificate will be issued to the successful candidates once evaluation is completed.
      • Q 10. For how long will the certificate be valid?
        • A – The certificate is valid for one year. You will be notified when your certificate needs to be renewed.
  • Slot Booking and Appearing for the Final Examination
      • Q 1. How can I book a slot and how many slots can I book at a time?
        • A – To book a slot for the Final Certification examination, log into your account, click on the ‘Book a slot’ link on the Certification page, and fill all the required information in the given fields. Once you submit the details, you will receive confirmation of the slot by email. A student can book two slots at a time.
      • Q 2. What will happen if I miss the slot and am not able to take the examination?
        • A – If you are not able to make it for the first slot you have booked, you have the option to use the second allotted slot. Or you can rebook and get a new slot. However, action will be taken if a candidate repeatedly misses booked slots.
      • Q 3. Can I reschedule a booked slot?
        • A – You can cancel a booked slot and book a new slot as many times as you like. However, you have to cancel the booked slot at least one hour prior to the examination.
      • Q 4. How much in advance will I have to book a slot?
        • A – You can book a slot up to three months in advance. You need to book at least 1 day before the examination is scheduled to commence.
      • Q 5. What do I need to carry to the examination venue?
              1. Laptop
              2. Data Card with Internet connectivity
              3. Photo Identity card (any one of the following):
                1. Aadhaar card
                2. Passport
                3. Voter Identity Card
                4. Driving license
                5. PAN Card
              4. Hard copy of Guidelines and SOP (since it is an Open Book examination)
      • Q 6. Can I appear for the Final Certification examination for more than one course at a time?
        • A – Yes. But you will have to book a separate slot for each course.

User Manual

Click here for the process to appear for the eSOP Final Assessment.

Click here for the process, to appear for the eSOP Final Assessment Test.