Standard Forms

SF 5.1A1: Look and feel of a training centre

SF 5.1A2: Training centre name board

SF 5.1A3: Hostel centre name board

SF 5.1B1: Activity summary and achievement board

SF 5.1B2: Contact details of important people

SF 5.1B3: Basic Information Board (Training Centre)

SF 5.1B4: Basic Information Board (Residential Centre)

SF 5.1B5: Academic Information Board

SF 5.1B6: Living Area Information Board

SF 5.1B7: Code of conduct for candidates

SF 5.1B8: Food specifications (residential centre)

SF 5.1C1: Student entitlement board and responsibilities board

SF 5.1C1A: Student Attendance and To and Fro Entitlement Summary Information Board

SF 5.1C2: Welcome kit to trainees

SF 5.1C3: First-aid kit

SF 5.1 D1: Due diligence of a training centre (excluding residential facilities)

SF 5.1D2: Due diligence for residential facilities

SF 5.1D3: List of equipments should be carried for due diligence of training centre/ residential facilities

SF 5.1E1: Summary of staff deployed at the training centre

SF 5.1E2: Trainers’ profile

SF 5.1F: Candidate ID template

SF 5.1G1: Index of individual candidate dossier

SF 5.1G2: Parents’ consent form

SF 5.1H1: Batch summary as on day of batch freezing

SF 5.1H2: List of candidates in the batch and their profile

SF 5.1I: Attendance registers for candidates (as per biometric device)

SF 5.1J: Attendance registers for trainers (as per biometric device)

SF 5.1K: Checklist of items given to candidates

SF 5.1L1: Candidate feedback form

SF 5.1L2: Summary of the feedback given by the candidates in SF 5.1L1: On completion of training programme

SF 5.1M: Summary of evaluation and assessment done

SF 5.1N: TA/ DA calculation record (batch wise) – To be linked with biometric attendance

SF 5.1O1: Training certificate

SF 5.1O2: Training completion certificate distribution record

SF 5.1P: List of equipment in the training centre

SF 5.1Q: List of equipment available in the trainees’ accommodation facilities (applicable for residential training only)

SF 5.1R: Instructions for opening and running hybrid training centres and introducing multiple shifts and double shift batches in a training centre


SF 5.1S: Bare minimum items to be ensured to start training pending CTSA/ SRLM due diligence visit

SF 5.1T: Daily failure items report

SF 5.1U: 15 day summary of centre status

SF 5.2A: Training centre inspection

SF 5.2B: CCTV - Specifications, location and recording, review and storage

SF 5.3A: Specification of uniform

SF 5.4A: Assessment and certification of candidates